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Anti social behaviour
We see a lot about antisocial behaviour on the TV and in newspapers, but what does it mean?

Information and advice on bullying.

Information about how shoplifting and car crime has a huge affect on everyone

Free downloads.

A story about how alcohol slows down your brain and reduces your ability to think about what you are doing.


FAQs answers some of your most commonly asked questions.

Travel safely
Advice for travelling alone on public transport and things you can do to feel more secure.

Gun / Knife Crime - Life or death choose an ending.

At home
Top tips to help you keep safe in your house.

Although itself covers quite a few issues this section provides links to range of other websites covering subjects such as abuse, drugs, health, police, relationships and sex. There are also further links to sites which also cover a wide range of information and advice for young people on many issues.

Missing Persons
A true story about running away from home.

On the street
To help you stay safe when you’re out and about.

Mobile phones
Advice for keeping your mobile safe and secure.

News section featuring news that is relevant to you and about you.

Internet safety
Information and advice on the dangers to be aware of when using the web.

On the street
Let someone know where you are going.

Racial harassment
Think before you speak - some things to remember.

Terms & conditions

You've been framed
Britain is monitored by 4 million CCTV cameras - a story to make you stop and think about your actions.

Mephedrone can kill and is illegal - it will ruin your life!