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Sarah's story
"When our next door neighbour, Jonny, got a car for his 17th birthday he was really chuffed. It needed some work on it though, so he started making some repairs in the evenings."

At first we didn't really mind but then he worked on it late every night for a week. Our family couldn't hear the TV in the front room and the engine noise was keeping us awake when we went to bed.

My dad went around to talk to Jonny's parents and said that we understood Jonny needed to work on the car but it was disturbing us late at night. My dad suggested that maybe the weekend might be a better time and even offered to help Jonny as he knew a bit about cars.

Jonny and his parents apologised - they hadn't thought about how the noise would affect their neighbours. Jonny finishes working on the car earlier now and we can all watch TV and sleep in peace."

Jonny hadn't thought about how the noise he was making might interfere with other people's peace and quiet. Sarah's dad talked it through in a friendly way and they reached a compromise without fuss.

If someone else's antisocial behaviour is affecting your life, speak to an adult so they can help you solve the problem. This could mean speaking to the people calmly and sensibly about how they are affecting you, or it could mean calling someone like the Environmental Health Department, or even the police.

Turn it down !!!

We can all play our music a bit too loud sometimes but there is a difference between this and antisocial behaviour.

Life can often be noisy – people use washing machines, listen to music, do DIY, play with their pets and mow the lawn – but this doesn't mean that everyone is being antisocial.

Think about how your actions affect other people. Consider the time of day that you play your music loud, or even how often your dog is barking. When people don't consider how they're affecting others with the noise they're making, this becomes antisocial behaviour.

The law states that excessive noise between the hours of 11pm and 7am is illegal. The Environmental Health Department can come and measure the level of noise when a complaint is made about someone.

Turn it down !!!